Portable 300ml Electric Vicks humidifier And Air Purifier
Portable 300ml Electric Vicks humidifier And Air Purifier
Portable 300ml Electric Vicks humidifier And Air Purifier
Portable 300ml Electric Vicks humidifier And Air Purifier
Portable 300ml Electric Vicks humidifier And Air Purifier
Portable 300ml Electric Vicks humidifier And Air Purifier
Portable 300ml Electric Vicks humidifier And Air Purifier

Portable 300ml Electric Vicks humidifier And Air Purifier

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Would You Like To Feel The Breeze of Lavander's Field Every Time You Step In Your Car/ Home?

Or The Freshness Of Lemongrass, Reminding You Of The Crystal Clean Mountain Air 🏔️?

Spoil Your Senses With Aromatherapy And Enjoy All Healthy Benefits!

You Will Fall In Love With The Innovative Electric Vicks purifier And Air Car/ Home Humidifier ❣️





Are you looking for a way to breathe easier, sleep better, and enjoy a restorative herbal boost at any time of the day?

Adopting the latest ultrasonic Nano atomization technology, oscillate and decompose water into fine nano-class cool mist molecules, which can hold up to 300ml of water and produce up to 30-50ml of moisture per hour.

Portable, space-saving, and USB powered, you can add essential oil into our mini diffuser for car/home to create a fragrant and relaxed atmosphere when sleeping, working, or studying.

Providing a refresh and comfortable environment for your car and home.

INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE - Our unique diffuser comes in a one-of-a-kind design that will fit in every room or car.

The soothing white led, and the shape makes this the perfect choice for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office desk, yoga class, or even the baby's room.



B  E  N  E  F  I  T  S:


✅  Removing All Unpleasant Odors - removes foul smells like cigarette smoke, pet odors, and more

✅  It Works As An Electric Car/Home  Air Refresher & Humidifier

✅  Two Mist Mode - press the button first time, it will continuously spray for 4 hours. When you press again and it will intermittently spray for 6 hours.

✅  Prevent Static Electricity And Dust At The Same Time.

✅  Charming 7 Color Changing Light - 7 soothing colors, gentle light presents romantic and pleasant enjoyment. Set the mood and lighting with your choice of 7 colors, or turn off all lights for total darkness. Can also be used as a night lamp or atmosphere lamp

✅  Automatic Shut Off Safety System When Waterless - the built-in sensor probe device will automatically cut off the power to prevent damage to the humidifier due to dry burning

✅  Easy To Use - one-button controls for all functions, you simply need to press one button to set the mist and night light. Make your life easier!

✅  Equipped With Water Purification Filter Cotton

✅  Made of BPA-free material so it is healthy for babies.

✅  USB power source 





What is Humidifier?

Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body.

Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. They can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu or common cold.


The Clinic Reports That Dry Air Cause Problems Including:

➡️ Dry eyes, sore throat

➡️ Dry nasal passages

➡️ Bloody nose

➡️ Make colds and cases of flu worse

➡️ Chapped skin and lips Itchy

➡️ Worsened asthma and allergy symptoms





➡️ Sleep itself aids in repair, rejuvenation, and maintenance of our immune system.

➡️ Air that is not too dry may help you avoid colds and flu: Viral colds and flu can feel awful and can severely affect your sleep. In the winter months, they might seem to pass from person to person with no signs of slowing down. Thankfully, air at acceptable levels of humidity that is not too dry may lessen the infectivity of airborne viruses.

➡️ Higher humidity may help loosen congestion: Dry air may cause mucus to become dry and thick, which can result in clogged nasal passages.

➡️ In turn, this may lead to a stuffy nose, sore throat, and sinus pain. Humidifiers may help by adding moisture to the area, which might help break up phlegm in your nose and chest.

➡️ Cold symptoms may be alleviated: If you do get the flu or a cold, using a humidifier while you sleep may help you recover faster.

➡️ Preventing influenza - studies noted that humidifiers reduce the risk of catching the flu. After adding the influenza virus to the air with a simulated cough, researchers found that humidity levels above 40 percent rapidly deactivated virus particles, making them much less likely to be infectious.



➡️ Keeping the skin and hair moist - moist air helps prevents dry skin. When your skin is dry, it may crack and wrinkle more easily. This can be incredibly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, when you have dry air in your home, using lotion and chapstick may not be enough to rehydrate skin. One way to help is to have acceptable levels of moisture in the air, so your skin can absorb it.

➡️ Reducing snoring - snoring results from a constricted airway, resulting in a dry mouth and relaxed throat. This dryness causes the respiratory airways to overcompensate by producing more mucus and therefore more constriction and likelihood of uttering an audible vibration such as snoring. Adding humidity to the air by running a humidifier at night may help to relieve some symptoms.

➡️ This may also help alleviate a sore throat and, for some people, sinus headaches, and restore restful sleep.




Research has found that a humidity level of 40% or higher decreased infectivity levels of the influenza virus to about 14%. At less than 23% humidity, almost 75% of the virus retained infectivity (Noti et al., 2013). Higher humidity allows viruses a better chance of attaching to water vapor droplets and falling out of the air, instead of viruses clinging to us and infecting us directly.

This helps to explain why the dry climate of winter can leave us more susceptible to illness.


In addition to loosening congestion, it may help lubricate your nasal passages, allowing you to breathe a lot easier.

Keeping indoor humidity between 30% and 40%  to avoid itchy skin, relieve colds, reduce allergies and asthma symptoms, and prevent dry eyes.


Enhance Your Life with Aromatherapy Soothe While :


🚗 Driving

📚 Reading

👩‍🏫 Studying

👩‍💻 Working

🧘 Meditating

💤 Sleeping


Giving yourself an at-home spa treatment!

Plus choose the perfect white lighting to match your mood - or turn off the lights completely!





⭐  It's good for your houseplants - to survive (and thrive), plants need water from their soil and the air. Dry air may leave your plant shriveled up.

 Saving you money on utilities - the more humid the air in your home is, the warmer it can feel. In the cold winter months, you probably spend more on heating than you would like. Running a humidifier may cost less than using your heating system and can make the air feel warmer.

 Reduce static electricity - a little moisture in the air may help alleviate this annoyance. 

 Protect the wood in your home -  wood exposed to dry air may shrink, split, and crack. This is bad news for your wooden furniture, as well as the doors and trim in your home.

⭐ Air conditioning dries out your home’s air - using a humidifier may help counteract this. If you live somewhere with dry air, a humidifier might be good to use year-round


Humidifiers become an indispensable lifestyle product when living in a dry air environment.



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