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3 IN 1 Apple Charger Station With Led Light Lamp

3 IN 1 Apple Charger Station With Led Light Lamp

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Support PD & QC3.0 Fast Charge Protocol For iPhone 13Apple watch 7 and Airpods

(Compatible with all Apple devices)

 The 3 in 1 apple charging station, is designed in UK to fuel simultaneously and Fast your Apple devices (iPhone, Apple Watch and your Airpods).

iPhone wireless charger, Apple watch 7 charger and AirPods charger in one Station with an iconic LED night light

The Apple wireless charging pad is built-in high- efficiency components and advanced chips which provides temperature control, over-current and overvoltage protection, foreign object detection. It also can greatly improve the charging speed of wireless charger dock. But, please use suitable adapter to charge.

The Qi wireless charger adopts high charge efficiency. 25W fast wireless charging for iPhone 13 (and less), Apple watch 7 (and less) and Airpods Mobile Phone Charging Stand. Wireless charging can charge 4 devices: iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Airpods at the same time.

2022 Upgrade: Usually, you don’t charge your phone until the battery is running low. When you need to charge it but don’t want to put it down, just plug in a cable, plug the charger into the wall outlet, and you can carry on using your phone.

But a regular wireless charger doesn’t come with an output port, so does that mean that you cannot use and charge the phone simultaneously? Our 3 in 1 Apple wireless charging dock come with an extra output port to resolve this issue (can also be used to charge other device).


The Fast charging ship in the UK 

Less cords to worry about. This one’s a no brainer. With wireless technology, you don’t need to carry around your USB-c charger wherever you go. You just need one cable that is connected to the charging mat.

Universal compatibility. Qi charging is the universal standard, so if you have multiple different wireless capable devices, you can use the same charging pad without any issue.

Safer connections. Since the charging is all occurring inside an enclosed environment and without cords, there’s no corrosion because there is no exposure to water or oxygen. This also means that there is less risk of electrical faults. This is a pretty big plus.

More durable. Without having to regularly plug or unplug, there’s also no wear and tear on the smartphone sockets. If you alternate between charging wirelessly and with cables, this also means less wear and tear on your cables.

Won’t overheat your phone. When your smartphone is fully charged, the wireless charger automatically shuts off. This means less energy, a safer charge, and no overheated battery.

Package included

  • 1 x 3 in 1 Wireless Charger Station 

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