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Pet Grooming Blow Dryer

Pet Grooming Blow Dryer

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Are you tired of how much hair your dog brings into the house? If so, this is a must have for you.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This Pet Blow Dryer has saved me money and has also saved my house from always being covered in pet fur. It saved me money because I now groom my dog myself as the time it takes to dry him off has been reduced, and it saved my house because I can now blow the excess fur from my dog before she comes into the house at night. I highly recommend.”


Having pets that shed fur in your lovely home can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you are busy and have no time to constantly vacuum and sweep up after them.

Our Professional Pet Grooming Blow Dryer is the solution that you need to a house full of fur. You can use this to blow all the excess fur off your pet before you let them into the house, and it can also be used to make sure that your pet is completely dry after they have had a wash.

It can also be used to fluff up your pet's coat, so that they are always looking their best!


✔️ Save on grooming costs

✔️ Save time cleaning up pet fur from floors and furniture

✔️ Groom your dog safely in your own home

✔️ Keep your dog looking its best

✔️ Multiple nozzle attachments are suitable for all coat types

✔️ Lightweight and low noise

✔️ Faster drying time than normal hairdryers, making it fast to dry your pet


* 1 x Premium Pet Grooming Blow Dryer

* 3 x nozzle attachments for different fur types 



* Colour: Black, Yellow, Pink, White, Blue

* Material: Plastic

* Power: 2800W

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