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Adjustable Flower Cat Tower With Cat Scratching Post

Adjustable Flower Cat Tower With Cat Scratching Post

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Give your cat the perfect place to indulge their natural instinct to scratch, play and snooze with the Adjustable Flower Cat Tower with Cat Scratching Post. The cute flower cat climbing tree lets your feline friend curl up and rest atop the perfect vantage point, while the sturdy scratching pole below gives them the opportunity to scratch til their heart's content, keeping their claws short and healthy, while also helping to burn off excess energy and reduce daily stress and anxiety, promoting over-all health and well-being. The tower top is easily adjustable to a 35 degree slope, turning it from a bed into a scratching pad in a moment's notice, and an interactive activity centre base lets your cat play with it's toys and puzzles, keeping them amused for hours on end. Introducing a cat scratching tree to your home will also curb your cat's destructive behaviors, saving your furniture and carpet from constant unwanted damage when boredom sets in.

Made with a sturdy and durable Wood frame, and finished with natural Sisal Fibre Rope, which is wound around the support pole, as well as a durable scratching pad on the surface of the tower platform, to create the perfect durable and hard-wearing scratching areas for your pet. To top it all off, soft Velvet material with PP Cotton filling surrounds the cute flower bed on top, giving your cat a soft edge to curl up inside of, or to keep them from falling off. The angle of top of the tower can then be easily adjusted by replacing the top of the scratching pole with the secondary head piece.

Perfect for apartment living - when your furbaby can't be outside climbing trees, why not bring the tree inside to them?!



  • Fun Flower shaped adjustable cat scratching tree to compliment your pet's playfulness.
  • Amuse and entertain your cat, while helping to keep their claws short and healthy.
  • Curb your pet's destructive behavior, and let them burn energy while reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Made with a sturdy and durable Wood frame.
  • Finished with durable natural Sisal Fibre Rope wound around the pole and covering the surface of the tower top to create long-lasting scratching areas. 
  • Soft Velvet material filled with soft PP Cotton filling makes a soft edge for your cat to rest on, and which will stop them falling off the tower as they sleep.
  • An activity centre base provides hours of fun for your pet, keeping them entertained.
  • The tower top is easily adjustable to a 35 degree slope, turning it from a bed into a scratching pad in a moment's notice.
  • Available in one size.
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